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hero image TURBO™ bathroom toilet footstool
  • Thank you so much for sending me the Fusion Stool. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I used it as soon as I got it out of the box. It has already made things easier for me. I appreciate your time and especially the fact that you sent the product and kept me informed EVERY step of the way. Thank you can't explain to you how much I needed this product. But Thank you none the less.

    • Danyell
  • Innovated, helpful and needed product.

    • Nick
  • I been using the Turbo Footstool for a couple of months and pleasantly surprised!!!!! This is a Great Product and change my life!!!! Thanks and keep up the Great work!!!

    • Paul
  • My homeopath swears by this positioning! Amen!

    • Lis
  • I am a Chinese and our ancestors have been talking how to detoxify your body for thousands of years. This might a simple way to help.

    • Dior
  • Great product - imagine the whole world uses it. Its a nice blend of science and technology.

    • Sarbeswar
  • Infinitely better than anything else out there!

    • Steve
  • So far the Turbo is great! My wife laughed (a lot) at me at first - especially when I attempted to explain its use to our 11 year old daughter - but I think she may be convinced :) The kids argue over which float to use :-D Thanks for a great product!

    • Ben
  • I got my Turbo yesterday and had my first Turbo poop this morning! BRAVO! BEST positioning EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joely
  • You made a sturdy product and the footstool is in perfect condition. Thanks!

    • Maurice
  • The position of the turbo is great. Thanks for making this a reality.

    • Andrew
  • Love it! Really well designed, high marks from me!

    • Mike
  • Just received mine in Malaysia. The position of Turbo feels so nice!

    • Josh
  • Looks great and works even better.

    • Justin
  • I'm very happy with the TURBO and it "works" great. I A/B tested with and without... and without feels so much worse. I can't believe how my toilet stuff worked before I started using the TURBO. The TURBO is unique and makes sense at a very very honest price.

    • Jacob
  • Fusion looks beautiful and very adjustable to support all members of family, very brilliant.

    • A. K.


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Bathroom sitting verse squatting on the TURBO™ Toilet Footstool
Studies show that the upright sitting position on a traditional toilet does not promote positive digestive health. The TURBO™ helps to straighten your digestive tract and relaxes the surrounding muscles for healthy elimination to occur. When you simply add the TURBO™ to your daily routine, you will experience a naturally effective way to improve your gastrointestinal health and overall well-being!

TURBO Stool™

A Bathroom Must Have for Better Health!

Turbo™ Vs. Others

Chart comparing the TURBO™ toilet footstool vs other step stools.