3 Things you Should Know to Improve your Bathroom Experience

If you're like most people, your bathroom breaks are more problematic than you think.

Sure, it feels good to relax on the porcelain throne, but the habit of sitting can lead to some sinister health consequences for your whole body. Thankfully, there's an easy solution.

Intrigued? Then read on. 

1. The Problem With Your Toilet

The problem comes from the posture. When you sit down on a regular toilet, your colon is kinked, just like a garden hose. With enough straining, fecal material can still be forced through, but you'll be sure to feel the effort, and the odds of you getting all the poo out of your body are slim to none.

sitting vs squatting on toilet

Reference: Tagart REB. The Anal Canal and Rectum: Their Varying Relationship and Its Effect on Anal Continence, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 1966: 9, 449-452.

It should come as no surprise that this often leads to a long line of chronic health problems. Below are some of the most common. 


No one likes straining on the toilet seat, but for millions of Americans, it's an unfortunate daily ritual. Chronic constipation can cause you hemorrhoids, anal fissures and worse.

No matter how hard you try to go, your constipation will only cause you grief if you try to relieve it on a regular toilet. Worse yet, often times it's the cause of your suffering. Without releasing the kink in your colon caused from sitting, your poo is going to continue to get jammed up inside you.


No one wants to suffer from swollen, inflamed veins in the anus, but for over half of Americans over the age of 50, it's a sad reality. Sitting on a toilet only worsens the problem, as the angle you sit at puts too much pressure on your rectum, keeping feces trapped inside. The only way to get them out is to strain harder, which stretches out the veins of your anus until you've accidentally given yourself an uncomfortable hemorrhoid.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 

The pelvic is essentially all that keeps your bladder, rectum and reproductive organs in place, and you'll certainly notice when something goes awry. Over one quarter of woman experience pelvic floor complications, and many researchers believe that the posture of sitting on a toilet is partly to blame.

Urinary Infections

An all too common medical ailment for most women, urinary infections lead to itching and burning in the places you can't easily scratch. A too full colon is sometimes responsible for the pain, as it can transfer toxic bacteria to the urethra, where it then lands in the bladder and causes you grief.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Chronic indigestion and abdominal pain is never pleasant, but for the sufferers of IBS, it's hardly unusual. This chronic condition can lead to severe cases of constipation, making every moment on the toilet a strain. 

Colon disease

There are lots of probable causes for colon disease, but most experts agree that fecal buildup is partly to blame. The sitting posture with kinked colon can be a big contributor to that.

Fecal stagnation

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Clearly, there's a lot at stake from not pooping properly. Before you fret, read on. There may be a simple and easy solution that can help, and worth your consideration.

2. It's Time to Squat, Not Sit

Colon alignment based on squatting on toilet

There's no need to despair about the state of your bowels. In truth, there may be an easy solution to all your bathroom woes that humans have relied on throughout history: squatting.  Strange but true, squatting is actually the optimal posture when relieving yourself.

Finding the claims of squatting too good to be true? Simply take a look at the bathroom practices of non-western countries and you'll see that billions of people squat to poo every single day. Not only do these countries have fewer cases of bowel disease, they also are known for having larger bowel movements every time they go, meaning each bathroom visit is more efficient and cleansing for their colon than you're used to.  Best of all, fully emptying your poo prevents it from stagnating in your body and concentrating toxins in your intestinal tract. Your poop is classified as waste to your body for a reason, so do what you can to help it get out of there!

By design, the squatting posture perfectly aligns your rectum, ensuring your bowel movements are streamlined and simple. Gravity does all the work, as the weight of your torso will press against your colon, naturally compressing it till empty. You'll simply feel better, even lighter, getting everything out of your body in one go. Constipation relief, hemorrhoid prevention and even relief from IBS can all be had, simply from switching from sitting to squatting.

If you want to make a small change upfront that makes a big difference for the health of your rear, take the time to get your squats in before you get on the toilet and you'll be sure to have a better experience.

Can squatting help you? An Easy Way to Check

If you're skeptical of the support that squatting can provide for your body, try out this simple experiment at home. The next time you are on the porcelain throne slightly raise your heels by pushing your weight on your toes and then lean forward a bit. You should feel your body adjusting into a mini squat. Try doing this 'mini squat' on and off exactly during you release. Do you notice the difference in the speed and ease your poop comes out? That's just the beginning of the benefits that squatting to poop will provide for you.

There is a better way to squat on your toilet

You shouldn't need thighs of steel to be able to squat with ease! After all, using the toilet should be relaxing, not a torture to endure. 

Allow us to introduce the TURBO StoolTM, the top rated squat stool bathroom helper that gives you the benefits of squatting with all the comforts and convenience of modern toilet.

3. The TURBO StoolTM: A Tool That Lets You Squat with Ease

Pooping is not optional, and most of us aren't ready to pull out the toilets we already have. Though, admittedly, the 'squat and aim' method has a certain appeal (anyone?). For everyone else, the TURBO StoolTM  is ready to come to the rescue. Even better, it offers the best of both worlds; the benefits of eastern squat at the comfort of western toilet, with ease! Doctors have long recommended squatting for bathroom ease, and the Turbo StoolTM makes the process easier than ever.

Easy squatting with TURBO toilet footstool

Using the TURBO StoolTM couldn't be easier. Simply sit on your toilet like normal and pop your feet right on the stool, and lean forward a bit. That's all it takes! Your body will naturally shift into the squatting position and your colon will ease up instantly. The form and functionality of TURBO StoolTM is unparalleled, for the reasons you can see below.

Ramp Design

Unlike a flat toilet stool, TURBO Stool'sTM innovative ramp design enables ADJUSTABLE squat - simply by moving your feet along the ramp. Thus, seasoned squatters and beginners alike can find their prime pooping position. This adjustability makes TURBO StoolTM one-size-fits-all for every height and experience!

The ramp design also offers easy, COMFORTABLE, and natural squatting posture. You will get the same squatting benefits compared to a flat-top stool, but with much lesser efforts.

Flat Stool vs Turbo Stool

If you find yourself needing a break in the middle of the action, simply rest your heels on the toe platform to relax your muscles. 

Modular Massage

Few of us look forward to our daily bathroom experiences, but that can all change once you try out the modular massage (called the FLOAT) at the base of the Turbo StoolTM. Your feet are filled with pressure points that stimulate different parts of your body, and research has shown that massaging your feet can help you combat constipation. Not to mention a foot massage can increase blood circulation and give you a boost! 

TURBO stool: easy squat → adjustable squat → relax sit → massage

Elegant Aesthetics

TURBO StoolTM is as elegant as it is functional. The soft white design is sure to complement any bathroom décor, and the stool is easily stowed away under the toilet bowl when not in use. Convenience without compromise; that's the benefit you get from a TURBO StoolTM. You will love having it in your bathroom and look forward to using it everyday.

Simple step for relief from constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS, etc.


$ Ready to Poop Better? The Takeaway for YOU

If you're ready to discover the best way to poop, the solution is simple. The colon-boosting benefits of squatting with your toilet can be had through the affordable, innovative TURBO StoolTM

For just the one time price of the top quality TURBO StoolTM, you'll get to experience the cleansing benefits of a fully extended colon for years to come – a small investment upfront that can make a big difference for the health of your rear. Take the comfort of your colon seriously and choose to add a  toilet stool to your bathroom routine.  Your insides will thank you. 

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