Turbo™ Stools Features


  • Easy Squat: The ramp design offers easy and natural squatting posture. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, it will serve you well!
  • Adjustable Squat: Adjust your squat simply by moving your feet forward/backward (no tools necessary and no cumbersome mechanisms involved). One size fits many!
  • Relax Sit: In between release? Need a break? Not used to squatting before? No problem, just place the heels on the toe platform to relax!
  • Massage: The modular massage can take your bathroom experience to a whole new level! Your feet will thank you!


    FUSION, height adjustable toilet stool!

    While TURBO™ works for most, FUSION
     gives that extra edge (in terms of elegance and functionality) for those who want it! FUSION has a toe piece that can be adjusted (easily and on the fly) to fit the need of different family members of different heights and with different experience levels and taste :) At the lowest level it works like a TURBO™, at the highest level it works like a flat-top stool, and then you can adjust the height to everything in between! No tools needed, no cumbersome mechanisms, no need of having different footstools for different-height family members, and no need to compromise on the squat!!